37,000 People of Different Faiths Share Food at Gurdwara in Dubai

A Record 37,000 people of different faiths shared a meal at the first Gurdwara Sahib in Dubai during the New Year celebrations for 3 days.

From December 31 to January 2, more than 50,000 people of different religions joined together and shared food in the same building and celebrated the New Year inside Guru Nanak Darbar in Dubai,

Hundreds of volunteers prepared meals over the 3 days with combined 8 non stop sessions of cooking langar and hundreds of kg of fresh vegetables.

The kitchens were attended 24/7 to prepare langar for such a high quantity of people. On a normal weekend the kitchen at Guru Nanak Darbar feeds an estimated 10,000 people and for the new year event special tents were set up outside to accommodate so many people.

The volunteers even polished the thousands of pairs of shoes in a special tent used to store them.

The entire Sikh community of Dubai were very happy to pull of such a big event and an organized system they developed help make the program much easier to manage.

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