After 352 years, history was repeated at Sri Harmandar Sahib as it’s custodians prevented the Panj Piyare from entering. The Panj Piyare were under house arrest on the day they were to arrive at Sri Akal Takht Sahib to meet and announce resolutions. The SGPC has expelled the Panj Piyare of Sri Akal Takht Sahib due to their recent resolutions against the Jathedars. 352 years ago, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji was prevented from doing darshan of Sri Harmandar Sahib.

Guru Har Gobind shifted his headquarters to Kiratpur, most of his disciples had also moved to that place with him and the Golden Temple at Amritsar fell ultimately into the hands of the impostors like Harji Minas.

In November 1664, Guru Tegh Bahadur went to Amritsar. He bathed in the sacred tank but the Pujaris (or the ministrants) closed the doors of the Har Mandar against him. He saluted it and remarked that it was they who were rotten within, who through greed of offerings, had entered the temple.

When the news spread, the people of Amritsar went in a body and poured their souls at his feet. The women of the city took the lead, welcome him with the Guru’s hymns and went with him singing all the way to the village Wadala (or Walla) where he stayed in the humble abode of a devout disciple. The Master blessed the women of Amritsar and Amritsar itself. On seeing their devotion he blessed them with these words,”God’s love and devotion shall ever abide among you.”

When Guru Ji visited the Harmandar Sahib, the pujaris locked the gates and did not allow Guru Ji to enter the Gurdwara. However the womenfolk of Amritsar welcomed Him. It was here that he uttered these words, “Amritsariey Ander sariey – Maian Rab Rajaian” (Black hearted are the men of Amritsar, but the women are blessed by God) .This episode is from the “Suraj Parkash” by Bhai Santokh Singh.


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