3 Students Arrested For Beating Indian Girl in Brampton, Canada (Video)

TORONTO – Peel Regional Police say three youths have been charged after a serious bullying incident in Brampton.

The incident — which was filmed by the alleged bullies — occurred Oct. 24, but only gained attention on Twitter when footage was posted online Sunday.

In a pair of videos, two unidentified girls corner, slap and punch another girl. A male voice is heard from behind the camera cheering the alleged bullies on.

The victim, who repeatedly says she doesn’t want to fight, is briefly restrained by one of the girls.

The other girl takes her cellphone.

An Indian girl gets beaten badly by bullies in Brampton, Canada. Identity unknown but Brampton has a majority Sikh Population.

Indian Girl Beaten in Brampton Canada by dailysikhupdates


“What’s your problem?” the girl says as she grabs the alleged victim’s face. “Why the f— are you always talking s—?”

The girl tells the victim there will be consequences if she reports the incident.

“If you say anything to anyone about us doing this, we’re going to have a problem,” one of the alleged bullies says. “Do you understand that. I didn’t touch you. I slapped you, once, twice, maybe a face grab. Yeah, it will be a lot worse if you say anything.”

Peel Regional Police Const. Lilly Fitzpatrick said investigators learned of the incident on Oct. 25.

Four days later, a trio of 17-year-olds, two girls and one boy, were charged with robbery in connection to the incident. The accused teens cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

source: Toronto Sun

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