3 Sons Abandon Mother Punjab Kaur in Barnala, Left to Survive Homeless

In what has to be one of the most tragic stories a mother can endure, three sons of Bibi Punjab Kaur abandon her near Gurdwara Singh Sabha in Barnala city a year ago. The elderly woman was dropped off to be left to survive on her own. The woman has survived on the streets for nearly a year.

The woman stated that one of her grandsons lives in England whose name is Laddi. The woman stated the names of two of her sons are Chamkaur and Sukha. She stated the sons are having good jobs in the government.

Local people gave the elderly woman food and tea for the last year but no one came to provide her shelter. Ironically, the woman was left to survive near the Bhagat Singh statue in the city. She stated, “I put flowers in front of Bhagat Singh’s statue everyday.” Bhagat Singh looking down on the mother must be thinking of the type of world we live in today where an elderly woman is left to survive on her.

The woman stated that her daughter in laws persuaded her sons to abandon her and had made her life miserable in the home.

The woman use to go to Fatehgarh Sahib Gurdwara Sahib to do sewa where the sewadars at the Gurdwara Sahib gave her 2 lakhs to help her survive. The sons ended up getting information that she has 2 lakhs and they persuaded her to give them the money that was donated for her well being.

Punjab Kaur went onto say that despite the Gurdwara Sahib providing her with food, no one provided her shelter.

The woman is suffering from serious mental issues and is in urgent need of care.

The founder of Manukhta Di Sewa charity came to the rescue of the woman.

Punjab Kaur left to survive on the streets
People give the woman tea

Here is the video of how the woman was rescued.

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