Only 3 Months to Live, Help Save Inderpal’s Life (Video)

A father of two from Birmingham who has leukaemia named Inderpal Singh is calling for more British Asians to join the Bone Marrow Register.

25 year old Inderpal Singh has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy and has been told he needs a life-saving transplant within the next 3 months!!!!

The first step in an autologous stem cell transplant is harvesting the stem cells. Our doctors typically obtain stem cells from the bloodstream (peripheral blood stem cells). A mobilization treatment brings the stem cells from the bone marrow into the peripheral bloodstream. Once the stem cells are in the bloodstream, the collection process begins.

The blood is separated using an apheresis machine. This process takes a few hours, and is repeated until the appropriate amount of stem cells is collected. Once the stem cells are harvested, they are frozen in our Stem Cell Processing and Cryopreservation Laboratory until it’s time to transplant.

Our doctors then administer high doses of chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation therapy, to destroy the remaining cancer cells. The transplant typically occurs about two days after the intensive treatment is complete.

The frozen bags of stem cells are thawed out in preparation for the transplant. Once thawed, the stem cells are re-infused into the bloodstream, similar to a blood transfusion. This procedure typically takes about an hour. After entering the bloodstream, the stem cells travel to the bone marrow and begin to produce new blood cells in a process called engraftment.

Source Cancer Center

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