Eyewitness of Murthal alleged gangrapes Niranjan Singh said that protesters tore clothes of women and took them to field. The incident was more shameful than 1984 riots, said truck driver Niranjan who was present at the spot. His truck was torched. He also said that he is ready to give statement before police.

New Delhi: A truck driver has claimed that he saw some women being sexually assaulted by rioters at Haryana’s Murthal where the gangrapes of women allegedly took place.

Narrating the horrific crime, the eyewitness Niranjan Singh said that a group of women were dragged into the fields nearby and their clothes were torn by a section of infuriated mob.

“On Feb 22 around 2pm, I parked my vehicle near Apollo International School near the highway. I saw from a distance that some women who were walking on the road were pulled into a field and their clothes were torn by the rioters. I couldn’t see what happened further,” Singh said,

Singh added the victims were accompanied by men known to them but even the latter couldn’t protect them fearing the armed attackers.
“Nobody came forward to stop the shameful act, I never witnessed anything like this even during 1984 riots. Then it was only the Sikhs who were targeted but now nobody was spared,” he added.

Niranjan says he is prepared to give a statement to the police and cooperate in the probe.

On Friday, a committee of three women police officers was set up by Haryana government to receive any complaint of rape of women during the Jat quota agitation.
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