90% of Punjabis and 61% of Non-Punjabis support to ban jokes on Sikh Sardar Ji – Study Reveals

The independent research was conducted by Punditrao Dharenavar, assistant professor, post graduate government college, sector-46 Chandigarh, to know the public opinion about Sikh Saradar ji jokes to be banned or not. The total number of 637 closed ended questioners were filled by different sections of society. Professor, Advocates, Students and general public were interview in selected districts of Punjab and Union Territory of Chandigarh. Moga, Rajpura, Chunni, SAS Nagar, and Chandigarh were covered to know the diverse opinion.

The first question which was to know whether Saradar ji Jokes to banned, 90 percent of Punjabi and 61 percent of Non Punjabis expressed theor strong views to ban jokes on Saradar ji. 86 percent of both Punjabi’s and Non-Punjabi in total felt that all jokes related to Saradar ji should be banned. When asked whther it is insulting to joke on some community then, 84 percent of people felt it is absolute insulting to joke on some community. When it is asked to give opinion about Hon’ble Supreme Courts suggestions for Sikh Community to Ban jokes then 83% people felt that Sardar Community should demand to ban jokes on Sardar Ji. The question which was related to Jokes diminishing image of community, 82% of people produced opinion in favour. In one of the interesting questions that whether everybody must read great history of Sikh Sardar Ji then 84% people felt the necessity of reading Sikh History. When asked whether Hon’ble Supreme Court must ban all jokes on Sikh Sardar Ji then 79% of both Punjabis and Non-Punjabis expressed their strong view that Hon’ble Supreme Court must ban all jokes on Sardar Ji. In another question, whether contribution of Sardar Ji in the nation building should be in the Syllabi of all the school, college and universities then 87% people felt the necessity to include lessons about Sikh History in the curriculum.

The districts wise analyze of the data revealed that Moga, S.A.S. Nagar & Rajpura of Punjab expressed their 100% support to ban all jokes of Sardar Ji. Whereas Chunni Tehsil of Fatehgarh Sahib District express 71% and GCG Govt. College, Sector-11 expressed 83% support to ban jokes on Sardar Ji. When the data was collected from particular community such as teachers and advocates, the positive result emerged. 86% of teachers of Chandigarh Colleges and 85% of Advocates from District Court Chandigarh supported to ban the jokes related to Sardar Ji.

In order to make comparative study the samples were collected from ITFT, the private Institute in Punjab where non-Punjabi study; the results were again positive in a low percentage such as only 57% of people supported to ban the jokes but 86% of people expressed their opinion to add lessons on Sardar Ji in the curriculum.

The comparative result of research shows that 90% of Punjabis feel to ban jokes on Sardar Ji whereas only 57% of non-Punjabi support to ban the jokes on Sardar Ji. To bring the awareness about the great contributions of Sardar Ji, both Punjabis and Non-Punjabis seem to express their opinion with 88% and 80% respectively.

To conclude, the research comes up with the suggestion to ban jokes on Sikh Sardar Ji, which are directly attacking the community. The suggestions emerged from sections of the society felt that there is deliberate attempt to create literature about Sikh Sardar in the form of Santa-Banta, sites on Internet, Serials etc. There are jokes on many communities but the joking literature is being deliberately created only on Sikh Sardar Ji. Therefore, there is urgent need to put an end to the deliberate attempt of some Anti Social elements.

Punditrao Dharenavar
Assistant Professor
PG Govt. College,
Sector-46, Chandigarh
M: 9988151695

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