Following the fatal shooting of two elderly Sikh friends in March 2011, the community gathered for Sikh Solidarity Day in Sacramento, CA, the following month. The event honored victims Surinder Singh, 67, and his friend, 78-year-old Gurmej Atwal, and gave the larger community an opportunity to stand united with the country’s largest Sikh community in Elk Grove, on the outskirts of Sacramento.

Many members of the community feared that the shootings were a hate-motivated crime and that the two might have been mistaken for people of Muslim faith. In this film, the community, civic leaders and law enforcement call for safety and acceptance.

This petition is in support of a nomination to the City of Elk Grove, California requesting that a new park be named ‘Singh and Kaur Park’ in honor of the late Gurmej Singh Atwal, the late Surinder Singh, their wives and their families. Mr. Atwal and Mr. Singh were murdered in March 2011 but the murderers have not been apprehended nor identified. In the sadness of that loss, the community of Elk Grove and the surrounding region came together in love and support for the affected families and the Sikh community. By honoring these two families and their patriarchs, we remember their contributions and the strength of our community during a time of tragedy.

Sign this petition and then email the council members directly to make sure they hear your voice: Petition Elk Grove

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