The 457 visa is the most common Employer Sponsored visa for overseas workers to start working temporarily in Australia. While the 457 program has the simple objective of filling employment gaps for Australian and overseas businesses, the application process is not straightforward. Watch the video to learn more.

Number One – Three stages of the 457 application:Business Sponsor application, Nomination application (position) and Visa application.
Number Two – Sponsor must meet training requirements
Number Three – Nominated position must be on the CSOL list
Number Four – Nomination requirements include meeting TSMIT, Market Salary and LMT
Number Five – Visa applicant must have required skills and English
Number Six – There are conditions that apply to the Business Sponsor and Visa holder after grant of 457 visa
Number Seven – 457 offers pathway to Australian PR
Number Eight – Government Review and recommendations to change 457 to cut ‘Red tape’
Number Nine – Alternative visas to the 457: If your occupation is not on the CSOL
Number Ten – Do I need help to apply for a 457?

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