It’s surprising that not even a single Sikh led any contingents at the Indian Republic Day. The Sikh Regiment and the Punjab float was absent at the Republic Day’s Parade march down the famous Rajpath especially when the Chief guest was the French President who banned the turban in France.

However in 2009, the French government invited PM Manmohan Singh at the National Day of the country where the French and Indian forces marched side by side. The Naval contingent was led by a Sikh.



Via: Saral Patel:
As many of us go gaga over French Contingent Marching along side with Indian Soldiers down the Rajpath – The sight of which fills our hearts & minds with pride, Would like to take this opportunity to remind you that; India’s “weakest” PM was invited to Bastille Day (French National Day) as the chief Guest in 2009, Indian Army Contingent had rare honor to march along with the french soldiers on Champs-Élysées (Rajpath equivalent of France) in Paris.

Contingent of Indian soldiers, 400 soldiers from the Airforce, Navy & Army marched to the soul stirring music of ‘Saare Jahan Se Achchha’ down the 1.5-km stretch of Champs Elysees. – All under the eyes of PM Dr Manmohan Singh. at this point its important to note, that France does not have the custom of inviting foreign heads of government or state to be the Chief Guest and only on few occasions this honour is bestowed on foreign leaders.

Here are few glimpses from that Day

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