Police are looking for the man who fired a bullet from a .315 bore caliber gun which hit an SGPC employee named Gurpreet Singh. The bullet narrowly missed Gurpreet after piercing through his turban and hitting his chest. The bullet appeared to be in an downward trajectory according to the CCTV video and analyses of how it struck Gurpeet.

A person outside of the complex and likely on top of a roof fired the bullet towards Sri Harmandar Sahib. Forensic teams were called onsite to determine the exact spot the bullet was fired from. The gunshots created commotion inside the complex on one of the more busier days due to Maghi and observance of the sacrifice of the 40 immortal ones.

ACP Anamdeep Singh Brar told the Indian Express:

“It seems that the bullet was fired a good distance away from the Golden Temple. The bullet was on a downward trajectory when it hit the turban of the injured person. We also have video footage that suggests the same. From the video, it is clear that the bullet first hit the turban and then crossed his jacket before hitting the ground. It is likely a .315 bore caliber gunshot. We are looking for the person who fired it. A forensic team from Chandigarh is investigating the case,” said ACP Amandeep Singh Brar.

The employee was rushed to the hospital and has been reported to be in stable condition.

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