My retort to Capt Amarinder Singh who’s calling all leaders like me joining Aap deadwood and Aap a junkyard-Khaira.

Punjab Congress president Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday said that Aam Aadmi Party is turning into a “junkyard for the deadwood” by accepting “rejected” leaders.

“Some leaders who recently left Congress have actually been rejected by the people and are now trying to seek political asylum elsewhere in the false hope of being accepted there,” he said here on Saturday. “The way our rejected leaders are being received in AAP, the party is turning out as junkyard for the deadwood in Congress,” Amarinder said in a statement.

He said that leaders like Aman Arora, Sukhpal Khaira and C D Kambhoj had successively been defeated in the elections and had lost all hope of being able to contest while remaining in Congress. Referring to Arora, the state Congress chief said that his family had been allotted ticket to contest polls six times continuously since 1992 and had consecutively lost four times.

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