2000 BC Writing Shows Punjabis Haven’t Changed Behavior in 4019 Years

A writing has been discovered in a book about the History of Punjab which highlights people from the Punjab region from 2,000BC. The writing has shown that Punjabis largely remain unchanged for the past 4,019 years.


“They eat barley meal and meat, and fish and drink wine. They indulge in loud shouting and laughter in merriment singing songs with no rhythm or music. They are lax in their talk and behaviour and are arrogant.”
“Unrestrained in their loose talk, they become more so on festive occasions.”
“One should not enter into either friendship or enmity with them!”
“In their houses the parents, sons, daughters, parents in law, son in laws, daughter in law, sisters and brothers, friends and guests and others including maids and attendants – all men and women freely mix up with each other.”

About women – ” are tall and healthy, white in complexion and are gluttons!”
About priests – They had Kshatriya priests (in addition to Brahmin) unlike rest of the country.

(Don’t take it personally, I had to read it 3 times to confirm it was from 2000BC and not from 2000CE)

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