(DSU News Bureau) A GRP constable was attacked by 20 youths in Guru Tegh Bahadur Nagar market, Jalandhar after trying to protect his daughter from harassment.

The 15 year old girl had told her father that the boys would harass her while on her scooter and would make vulgar comments to her while she went to her coaching classed to prepare for a medical entrance exam.

The concerned father came outside the coaching centre to take up the matter with the youth who would stand outside the centre to harass the girl after she came out.


After she identified few of the youth outside, the father approached them to leave his daughter alone. The young boys started giving the constable a tough time and more of the youth’s friends arrived on the scene.

The father asked to speak to the boy’s father and after he showed up, 20 strong youth attacked the constable with stones. In an effort to disperse the violent youth, the father fired a round from his revolver.

The youth got a hold of the revolver and beat the man with anything they got their hands on. The constable was badly beaten and suffered injuries to the head trying to protect his daughter.

The youth fled after police arrived on the scene. No case was registered as statements weren’t recorded as of yesterday.

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