2 songs released in the past we days titled ‘Sardar Ji’ have started a debate on what the accurate image of sardars really is.

Are sardars knows as sardars due to their Taur or what they’ve done in history? Diljit Dosanjh’s song refers to a Sardar who has immense Taur while Surj RDB refers to a Sardar Ji to persons who’ve sacrificed themselves for others.

Which image of Sardar Ji is accurate? The song which talks about Sikh principles or one which refers to fashion statements?

How should Sardars be known in the future? Which message do we want our young generations to know about? That a Sardar who wears the latest fashion trends is a Sardar or Sardars are those people who stand up against persecution and injustice

Song by Surj RDB Sardar Ji

Song by Diljit Sardar Ji

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