In an heroic effort, two Sikh men, Inderjeet and Kamalpreet, used their turbans to save the lives of two drowning youths during Ganesha visarjan.

Two men started drowning when they were participating in Ganesha Visarjan. At that moment, two Sikh men went against their religion’s protocol and removed their turbans to save both the drowning youths.

As a cellphone footage of the rescue was widely circulated, the local administration — which has been accused of making inadequate arrangements for the ceremony — said it would felicitate the young men.

The boys, who had come for the immersion of Ganesha idols at Sular Ghat, had got into the water.But suddenly, as a gush of water came, four of the boys lost their footing and got washed away.

2 Singhs rescuing drowning youths with their turbans makes international headlines. Media worldwide has been publishing news on the incident across the world.

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