2 Sikhs Die in a Plane Crash in Colorodo, USA

CHANDIGARH: Jalandhar-based synthesizer player Jatinder Singh, who was attached with popular Punjabi singer Manmohan Waris, and a Sikh pilot were killed in Colorado after a private plane crashed on Saturday.

The identity of the two was released by US authorities through a communication to Punjab police on Monday. Jatinder Singh was working as a keyboard player with Waris while Amritpal Singh worked as a pilot in Colorado. Jatinder was to take part in a concert at school in Adams County on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Amritpal was ferrying visitors from Punjab and locals in the state for the concert. The exact reason for the crash is being probed by a joint team of investigators from National Transportation Safety Board of Denver and Federal Aviation Administration.

“The plane had taken off just after midnight from Adams County Front Range Airport around 12.30am and was reported missing about three hours later,” communique from US authorities said. The plane had not been discovered till Saturday afternoon due to dense fog covering the crash site, according to US authorities. The plane was a 1970-built Cessna 150 two-seater jet. It was flying at a cruising speed of 145km per hour.

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