(DSU News Bureau) Two Punjabi men have been found guilty of not only kidnapping a woman from her Sacramento, California home 3 years ago but of committing multiple sexual assault charges.

The suspects blindfolded the woman, tied her up and forced medication inside her revealed the documents from the Sacramento Superior Court.


The two men are cousins named Sarabjit Singh and Rajdev Singh Purewal who drove the woman nearly 40 miles while raping the woman for 5 hours.

After they were done raping, they let the woman go north of Sacramento and she contacted the police.

The prosecution conducted DNA tests which showed links with Sandhu to the crime that occurred 8 months ago. Purewal became a suspect after three months through investigations by the police including DNA evidence.

The juries convicted the two each of 20 counts of forcible sexual intercourse, oral copulation, sodomy, and kidnapping for rape.

Sandhu and Purewal face a possible sentence of 475 years in prison which will start on May 29.

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