2 Groups Clash Now Private Security Hired at Gurdwara in California

Ceres Gurdwara Fight Modesto by dailysikhupdates
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Modesto Ceres Gurdwara Sahib Fight by dailysikhupdates

Arrest made at Gurdwara Sahib:

Sikh Gurdwara Ceres Modesto Clash by dailysikhupdates

Armed private security officers have been hired to protect worshippers and keep the peace at the Sikh Gurdwara in Hughson because of rising tensions between two factions that disagree over management of the facility.

An 11-member executive committee charged with managing the financial affairs and operations of the temple was overthrown earlier this month and replaced by 11 other temple members who appointed themselves the interim committee.

During a temple meeting Sept. 7, a dispute ensued between members of the committee and people who soon after formed the takeover committee. The dispute centered around the bylaws of committee elections and the manner in which the elected committee was spending the temple’s money, according to Dupinder Bajwa, a member of the takeover committee.

Bajwa said the confrontation even became physical, punches were thrown, and the meeting was terminated. Since then, verbal disputes have erupted at Sunday worship and some members have been seen carrying baseball bats and hockey sticks, according to both sides.

The morning after the meeting, takeover committee members changed locks at the temple, took possession of the collection box and appointed itself the interim committee, according to Jagtar Singh of the elected committee.

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