Updated: 3 people were killed in violent clashes between the police and protesters at Vaibhal Kalan village, 10 kms from Kotkapura, on Wednesday.Meanwhile, 90 persons, including several policemen, were injured in a bloody clash between police and Sikh protesters at Kotkapura town of Faridkot district on Wednesday morning.


Two days ago, in the village of Bargarhi, followers of Ram Rahim, challenged the Sikh community by stealing the sacred Guru Granth Sahib, ripping it apart and scattering the pages across the streets.

We have received reports of fatalities and of hundreds seriously injured. We have an confirmed report that Bhai Gurjeet Singh Sarava and Bhai Kishan Singh have been martyred by police bullets and an 18 year old, Ajit Singh is in a critical condition. More details to follow.

Water canons were used just early morning to break the crowd at Kotakpura by police. Sikh sangat were protesting the sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 122 angs of Guru Sahib were found on a street in the village. A while back, a Saroop of Guru Sahib was stolen from a Gurdwara Sahib in a nearby village by miscreants.

All Sikh parcharaks including Baba Dhadrianwale, Bhai Panthpreet Singh and Sarabjit Singh Dhunda were arrested by police. A curfew is currently in place at Kotakpura.

The police have attempted to break the crowds of peaceful protests related to sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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