19th Century British Historian: Sikh Women All Turbans from 17th Century

Historically both Sikh men and women wore at least the short turban (Keski).

Right up to the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sikh women had been steadfast in following the edicts of the Guru which included wearing the Dastaar. This was also witnessed by English observers in the Panjab during this time.


Well known 19th Century English Historian, J. D. Cunningham (1812-1851) who was an eye witness to the First Anglo-Sikh War, in his History of the Sikhs – 1848 refers to Sikh women of that time as follows: “The Sikh women are distinguished from Hindus of their sex by some variety of dress, chiefly by a higher topknot of hair.”

Higher topknot of hair on Sikh women’s heads automatically implies their coverage by some sort of turban, as Cunningham has connected it with “some variety of dress.”

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