1984 Victims Want To Stand on Their Own Feet

Seva 84 is one of the few groups that are helping the victims:
**Self Sustainability** **Employment** **Aiming to End Dependency In The Genocide Widow Colonies**

This is a summary of Satnam Kaur’s situation :

-1984 – Satnam Kaur’s father was killed in November 1984, she also lost other family members, her family home and business. She has since been brought up in poverty.

-2011 – Seva84 Sevaks first met with Satnam Kaur. No charity has ever visited or helped them previously. At this time, her husband was paralysed and literally could not leave his bedside without a lot of support. Paralysis resulted from heart related issues as his arteries got blocked. This resulted in stroke. Satnam Kaur has three children and could not afford much needed transportation to take her husband for physiotherapy for treatment. Seva84 supported this for her husbands recovery. With Vaheguru’s blessings, her husband was making positive progress as he was able to make daily trips for physio treatment.

-2012 – Seva84 provided help for Satnam Kaur, including the option to learn sewing to make her independent. Unfortunately her domestic circumstances prevented her from devoting any time to a course. In addition to our support, Satnam Kaur Ji brought small groceries, set them out on a table and started selling them to residents in Tilak Vihar, to earn a living. This did not improve her situation so she stopped.

-2013 – Seva84 continues support for Satnam Kaur, her children and her husband. Her husband is making good progress and his body is becoming more functional day by day.

-2014 – Satnam Kaur’s husband is now walking. Satnam Kaur has struggled her entire life, and even with support, continued to struggle as her children are young and husband still needs her support. Satnaam Kaur’s family has been allocated a rickshaw. Her husband will be using it, at times when he is ill, he will have a family member earn on his behalf. They have agreed to give daswand to help others in the colony who are in need. They are now be able to fully support their own medication and childrens education.

Thank You all for helping us to enable Satnam Kaur and her husband to stand on their own feet. Without your donations this is not possible. We are giving them the support they need to put their sufferings behind them, and to move forward together to improve their lives. By giving dasvand we are also teaching them the gurmat value of helping others in need around them. You can see Satnam Kaur and her husband being allocated a rickshaw in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bs_xN2NIXM0 . To donate to our projects please visit www.justgiving.com/seva84 or www.seva84.com/donate

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