1984 Victims Living in Diseases Filled Conditions in Delhi

Seva84 is a UK Registered Charity (number 1147843) founded in January 2012. Our aim is to provide support to the survivors of the November 1984 National Genocide of Sikhs and their families. We strive to bring decent standards of living to those who have lost so much and have been neglected for so many years.
All volunteers of Seva84 work wholly on an unpaid basis, and are driven only by the passionate desire to improve life for those living in the widow colonies. Particularly, we want to give the newer generations the opportunites their parents were denied. We aim to provide access to good education which would provide a route to success and escaping poverty.

From owning businesses and houses to forced severe poverty in crampted conditions
We want to assure you, there are no middle men of any kind taking a share of any of the donations we collect. All of the donations collected will be used solely for the benefit of the sangat (congregations) living in the widow colonies that are scattered around Delhi.

Why we are here

Some of the 30,000+ sikhs killed in the Indian National Genocide of Sikhs, November 1984
In November 1984 over 30,000 Sikhs across India were murdered in a national genocide. The aftermath of this terror was thousands of widows and orphans left destitute and homeless having been raped, lost family, security and all forms of livelihood and support. Twenty eight years later, conditions have failed to improve and survivors struggle on in severe poverty.
The communities in the colonies have little or no opportunities in many spheres of life including health, education, social development and work skills. Poverty has therefore not only been inflicted on these widows, but also future generations, and as such the cycle of suffering continues. Many have been left in vulnerable states leading to suicidal tendencies, prostitution, and drug and alcohol addiction.

Poor Living conditions at the Widow Colony, Tilak Vihar
Seva and helping others is a central component of the Sikh faith, our duty as Sikhs is to serve humanity. Seva84 therefore humbly requests donations not only on a religious basis, but also a humanitarian basis. These survivors living within the Widow Colonies have made it through countless horrors and have been failed by so many for too long. It is truly well overdue that we change this.
Seva84 believes through awareness, compassion, support and charity we can build on hope, and bring opportunities to the new generation of children by actively investing in their futures. We can help shape the future of these colonies, but only with your support.
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