Youngsters have written a very good song titled ‘I’m a Sikh Yo’. The Song was seen being widely shared by various social media sites.

“We are not professional singers, just 13 year old girls trying to make a difference. We made this song because sikhs are mistreated in india, all those singhs and kaurs who got tortured and killed didnt give up and we look up to them. We know we cant do much to help all the sikhs but u cant blame us for trying.

Lyrics: You all know who it is… Yuba city lions and motination…. and Jasrup, Sukhprit, and Jasprit.
My hair is really long and you might think I don’t belong, but man your wrong I’m a sikh yo. sikhs are mighty and sikhs are strong, they always tell you right from wrong. Sikhs are kind and really care, they always play fair and square. You know why, you know why, cause we are sikhs Yo.

Dhan guru granth sahib ji, waheguru, waheguru ji. Waheguru, we will never give up.

We tell the truth and follow our guru. we fight for our rights like really brave knights. we have a lot of hope and don’t do drugs, Nope. fear will never shut us down cause we have a dastar crown. We pray that the sikh kaum will always stay. we wear a chola gown and you will never shut us down. We work like magic and never ever panic, You know why, you know why, cause we are sikh, Yo, sikh Yo.
Dhan guru Granth sahib ji, wajheguru, waheguru ji. Waheguru, we will never, give up.

We stand against evil for all of the people, yah. We are as hard as cement and made of a different element. We help everyone in need and never show any greed. You know why, you know why, cause we are sikh Yo, Sikh yo, Sikh Yo. Bola so nihal Sat siri akal”

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