Amrit Vela Useful Tips

  • Jap naam at amrit vela no matter what, Please note amrit vela is not effective unless the body is well rested.
  • Jap naam at night before sleeping. It is very important to do this. Naam (at first) does the work of a cleanser (then it fills one with bliss). Cleansing the mind at night is extremely important. A clean mind sleeps more deeply and wakes up alert. The precious amrit vela then is more effective, since much of the work has already being done at night and in sleep, since a naam-ed out mind will jap naam during sleep too!
  • Try to wake up without alarm. This will only happen via persistent ardas to the guru.
  • Try to divide up the day. For example, wake up at amrit vela. Do simran and nitnem and then take a short nap before the day starts. This prevents fatigue during the day. And psychologically a tired body can wake up more easily if it knows it can go back to sleep. The morning nap should not exceed 1.5 hours. If it does, the body thinks it is night time and usually results in dull day.
  • Keep some water besides the bed. (This has no spiritual significance, but it saves the trip to the kitchen during the precious amrit vela hours).
  • When the body first wakes, *immediately* say “WaheGuru” with tongue or mind – depending on the individual’s naam state. Do not wait until ishnan to jap naam. Do not wait to tie loosened dastar or keski or hair before japping naam. Sit up and without even drinking the water besides the bed, jap naam deeply. Only after a few seconds/minutes or hours when the mind is somewhat settled, venture out to do the necessary chores. (The misconception that naam cannot be japped without first doing ishnan is well, just that a mis-conception. Naam *is* ishnan!).
  • At first jap naam loudly, then with kripa and practice, the naam can be japped softly or completely internally. The guru usually gives internal instructions or arranges meeting with naami gursikhs at appropriate time.
  • Divide up naam time. It is extremely hard to sit for 3 hours of naam during early stages, but it is possible to jap naam for 3 hours if it done over breaks. Jap naam before ishnan. Jap naam after ishnan. Jap naam during lunch breaks. Jap naam during traffic jams. Jap naam when driving. Jap naam. Jap naam. Jap naam. Jap naam.
  • Mix gurmanter with mool manter.
  • If mind has wondered off, bring it back by reciting gurBani. Refrain from gossip and slander. This keeps the mind clean and it can more easily focus on naam.
  • Avoid TV or movies or being a news junkie.
  • Just Start Simraning Waheguru ~~Waheguru
  • Waheguru Waheguru

For those of us, who are engaged in MORE IMPORTANT TASKS untill Midnight, Try a few days/weeks by taking Bath and doing Amrit Velaa at midnight itself, before going to Sleep, Just start walking on the path and HE will HELP , for sure !!!

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