10,000 Muslims Visit Sri Kartarpur Sahib But Most Have Head Uncovered

A man whose done an incredible job highlighting Sikh heritage in Pakistan Shahid Shabbir stated that a record 10,000 Muslim people visited Sri Kartarpur Sahib.

To date, the number would be a record since the inauguration of the Sri Kartarpur Sahib Corridor. Sri Kartarpur Sahib has received a bigger welcome from the Pakistan side as vast majority of the visitors are from Pakistan.

However from social media videos, it appears that once the mass of people enter the Sri Kartarpur Sahib complex, they don’t appear to have their heads covered. In recent days, several videos have appeared on social media where the people walking around Sri Kartarpur Sahib are going around walking without any head cover.

Some on social media wrote the following:

Harbans Singh wrote, ” Every thing is fine. Pakistani people are showing due respect and affection to our Guru but some one should tell them politely that once you enter the gurdwara premises, you must cover your head with a handkerchief or other cloth. I have seen videos where even reporters are not covering their heads while making videos. So Shabir Sahib tusi hor bahut sewa kar rahe ho, kirpa karke eh sewa vi kardeo. As for visiting Guru’s mazaar, they can choose their own options. Thanks again. “

Due to complications of approvals, the Indian side has seen only a few hundred visitors per day.

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