There are several cities of Punjab in what is called the ‘high hazard’ area determined by geologists. These cities are at a higher hazard level primarily due to the plate fault lines. The Indian tectonic plate’s line is extremely close to the Punjab causing these cities to be more prone to earthquake than others. The Everest Mountain ranges were formed due to collision of the tectonic plate with the Asian plate.

Map showing high hazard zone
Map showing high hazard zone
Map showing the tectonic plate
Map showing the tectonic plate

Earthquake High Damage Map


The 10 cities in Punjab that are prone to earthquakes are the following:

1. Pathankot

2. Hoshiarpur

3. Chandigarh

4. Nawanshahar

5. Anandpur Sahib

6. Rupnagar

7. Kapurthala

8. Fatehgarh Sahib

9. Patiala

10. Kharar

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