A person has lost his life as a result of a shooting in the parking lot of Gurdwara Nanaksar on Westminster Highway in Richmond, British Columbia in Canada at around 9:30pm on June 5, 2015.

The persons involved were not Sikh.

The victim was reported dead by the RCMP who’ve sent homicide unit to the scene and the incident is under investigation.


The eyewitnesses have stated a chase occurred between 2 cars which led one of them into the Gurdwara Sahib parking lot and shots were fired from one of the cars. The shooting resulted in a fatality and body lay on the ground of the parking lot.

The RCMP have stated the congregation of the Gurdwara need not worry as it didn’t pose any threat to anyone from the Gurdwara.

The statement read: “We have no reason to believe the public is at further risk as a result of this targeted incident. At this time, there appears to be no connection between the Sikh temple and the location of the murder.”

No members of the Sikh sangat was hurt in the incident but people were concerned why the victim was in the parking lot.

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